Our cryotherapy treatments are designed to give you optimal results depending on what you are looking for.

With options for °CRYO Body, °CRYO Facials, Localised °CRYO, and °CRYO Normatec compression, you can choose a cryotherapy treatment perfect for your needs.

Your °CRYO Consultant will take the time to discuss a holistic approach to your goals. Together, you’ll look at your whole body from different angles—and then focus on specific goals you want to achieve. These goals can range from losing weight to being sharper at work.

Cryotherapy treatments are not dangerous as the liquid nitrogen that is used as a chilling agent does not come into contact with your skin. A trained operator is always present during the treatment to control the temperature levels and monitor your comfort.

A °CRYO Chamber is where we conduct our whole body cryotherapy sessions. Once you step into a °CRYO Chamber, your body is briefly enveloped with cryogenically cooled air with temperatures reaching as low as -140°C for a maximum period of three minutes.

Most of our treatments last for three minutes. However, some of our facial and other treatments can last up to 60 minutes depending on your requirements.

You will be in your underwear and we will provide disposable ones (upon request) to put on as well. We will also provide mittens, socks and foot protection to protect your extremities from the cold.


OHI Cryo Therapy